Toro Albalá Don PX Gran Reserva 1987

Toro Albalá Don PX Gran Reserva 1987

Toro Albalá in der Ortschaft Aguilar de la Frontera wird von Antonio Sánchez Romero geführt und verfügt über einen größeren Vorrat uralter Pedro Ximénez Weine, wovon jedes Jahr eine geringe Anzahl Flaschen abgefüllt wird, vor Kurzem der 1987er, ein einigermaßen erschwingliches und gleichzeitig qualitativ exzellentes Dessertweinerlebnis.

The Wine Advocate, # 224 - 28th Apr 2016 - Luis Gutiérrez - 1987 Toro Albalá • Don Px Gran Reserva - 94/100 - $ 55 - 2016 - 2024
Each year they select a number of single vintage, sweet PX wines to be bottled, the first of which (besides the young wine) is the 1987 Don Px Gran Reserva in 2016 - a wine aged in American oak casks for some 28 years. These wines are almost indestructible, so the drinking windows are mostly academic. This showcases the classical aromas and palate of an old PX from Montilla, strong notes of dark chocolate, dried figs and plums, raisins and sweet spices; the dense, thick and persistent palate where the 380 grams of unfermented sugar are not noticeable, as they are balanced by good acidity that also gets concentrated by age. This is probably the densest of all the wines I tasted today, and there is a distinct, perfumed, almost floral note here (is it violet pastille?), which makes it extremely attractive. It's also the most drinkable of all these old vintages, very balanced within its sweet profile, with marked flavors (also licorice and black olives) that stay in your mouth for one minute. Exotic and exuberant. This is incredibly young and lively, and very good value for the age and quality it delivers.

100 % Pedro Ximénez

29.000 Flaschen

Wine Advocate: 94

Flaschengröße: 0,75 L
Alkohol: 17,0 %
Dekantierzeit: 1 h
Serviertemperatur: 14°C
Trinkempfehlung: 2018-2035

Weitere Daten
Bezeichnung: Wein, Süßwein
Allergene: enthält Sulfite, Eiweiß
Hersteller: Toro Albalá, 14920 Aguilar de la Frontera, Córdoba (Valladolid) - Spanien

Art. Nr.: 3716
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